Scholarship Programs

Every student at HSELC is in effect a scholarship recipient because of the Board’s commitment to raise funds to underwrite a portion of the tuition cost.

For families with additional financial need, there are three need-based tuition assistance programs:

HSELC has a contract with The Early Learning Coalition in Martin County. Families with financial need can contact The Early Learning Coalition and determine their eligibility.

HSELC sponsors the Help-a-Child Scholarship Program for those who don’t qualify for assistance under The Early Learning Coalition guidelines but still need financial help. For this scholarship, which is more flexible in its guidelines and its award amounts, families apply directly through HSELC.

Funds for the Help-a-Child Scholarship Program come from local foundations, private donors, and fundraisers conducted throughout the year.

The HSELC Curriculum Enhancement Program underwrites the costs of special programs and materials that enrich the experience of the students.

Help-A-Child Program
The Center offers a scholarship program to economically disadvantaged families. All donations to the Center are used for this program, unless specifically earmarked for operational costs or special projects.

Early Learning Coalition
The Center contracts with the Early Learning Coalition of Indian River, Okeechobee, and Martin County.



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