2 Year Rooms

Miss Helen – Lead Teacher – Sesame Street Kids
We’re all a work in progress, according to Miss Helen. That not only includes the two-year-olds that she teaches but even Miss Helen herself. Educated in England as a primary school teacher, she taught young children abroad before moving to the United States. She worked at HSELC in the 90s, then came back ten years ago to re-establish herself within this family environment.

“HSELC is so well-respected in the community,” Miss Helen says. “With the longevity of the center and many of its staff, I constantly have people in the area asking me, ‘Do you remember me?’ The sense of family stays with our graduates.”

Miss Helen believes that by expecting the best from children, teachers get the best. She’s been operating on that standard non-stop since 1975. An active boater with her husband Jim, she proclaims proudly that she is a citizen of the US as well as a teacher at a great child care center.

Miss Paula – Assistant Teacher



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