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Miss Stephanie – VPK Lead Teacher – Little Adventurers


Miss Sharon – VPK Teacher Assistant – Little Adventurers



Miss Nicole – VPK Lead Teacher  – Sea Stars

Miss Nicole can remember being a student at HSELC. Now she is both a parent of a little boy who attended the school and also a teaching assistant. She has worked at other child care centers in the area but says of HSELC, “This is a great school. They’re doing something very right here, and I’m delighted to be a part of it.”

A native of Hobe Sound, Miss Nicole knows the area and the families very well. Certified in childhood development, she is now attending classes at Indian River State College, with the goal of achieving both an Associate’s and a Bachelor’s degree.

With classes to teach and classes to take, plus a young son, Miss Nicole understandably breaks into laughter at the thought of free time activities, but she admits to a love of scrapbooking, and she sings in her church choir.


Miss Rebekah – VPK Teacher Assistant – Sea Stars


Miss Linda – VPK Team Leader

Miss Linda has been an integral part of the Hobe Sound and HSELC community for the past twenty plus years, and she’s still excited to be a teacher. “Each child is different,” she says, “and you need to teach them individually, working with them one-on-one, while loving all of them equally.”

Certified in childhood development, Miss Linda likes to have fun and most especially to see to it that the children are having fun. “It’s wonderful to be a part of their lives and to see them totally involved in learning,” she says.

Originally from Western Massachusetts, Miss Linda is the mother of two sons. She enjoys cooking and shares many interests with her husband Jules, such as sailing and scuba diving. She also finds time for arts and crafts, sewing and quilting. She just celebrated 20 years as a Teacher at the Center.




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