Personal Parenting

The “Feeling Can”
Place a plastic cup inside an old sock, and push it all the way to the bottom. Can your child identify the object by just feeling it? Extend this activity by telling a story about the object. What could it mean if they find a bottle of suntan lotion inside the sock-a trip to the beach, perhaps? What about a dog collar-a new puppy or just a bedtime story about a puppy? This is a great literacy experience for preschool and older children.

Making “Potions”

Children love the idea of making their own “potions.” Collect various liquids from around the kitchen such as water, corn syrup, vegetable oil, seltzer water, or vinegar. Put each liquid in a cup and add plastic spoons. Provide small bowls for children to mix the liquids in. One rule, however: No tasting allowed!

Free Stuff for Baby

Once in a while, a book comes along that is helpful, practical and even entertaining. This is it: Free Stuff for Baby, by Sue M. Hannah. Parents can try out and compare different brands of baby products including diapers, baby wipes, formula, and baby food from well-known companies such as Pampers, Huggies, Carnation, Gerber, and more! There’s free stuff for moms too. But that’s not all! This book includes hundreds of toll-free phone numbers, information on parent support groups, and valuable Web sites.

Teach the “Backtracking” Technique
Kids can learn to backtrack when they’ve misplaced something. When children can’t find their shoes, their backpack, or their lunch, you have the perfect opportunity for building a skill that helps the whole family. Instead of asking, “Have you looked under the bed or in the closet?” ask children to think when and where they last had the missing item. Give them a chance to use their memory and problem-solving skills. Above all, avoid jumping in and finding it for them without giving them an opportunity.


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