HSELC Halloween Parade







2:15 PM


Please try to attend our annual Costume Parade and Celebration with the children on Wednesday, Oct. 31st in the afternoon.  The children get to show off their costumes and march in a parade for their family and friends.

If you do plan to attend, please make a note of a few important details.

  • Do not follow your child’s class through the parade but rather stand along the parade route to create an audience for all the students.  You can join your child in the classroom for the party afterwards.
  • The Parade route will be on the large playground where the classrooms will follow the sidewalk.  Treats will be given out at various points on the route.
  • You may want to bring a lawn chair for your comfort.
  • While siblings are welcomed to attend our Parade, please keep them by your side as this is a busy and chaotic time.  We also ask that they refrain from using the playground equipment.

We hope you are able to join us.  Either way, please make sure that your child’s costume comes with each part labeled with their name on it so that we can be sure it gets returned to you in a complete form.

Thank you for your cooperation and attention to these details.

The Staff at HSELC