Hobe Sound Early Learning Center


Our family had an amazing experience with the Hobe Sound Early Learning Center (HSELC). Deciding on your child’s early learning provider can be difficult. At HSELC, the teachers and staff made it simple. The school is clean, safe, and offers an enriching learning environment. The team is incredibly kind and supportive to the individual needs of each child and the family. They clearly communicate learning goals for each stage. Both my daughters attended the Center for several years. They entered Kindergarten ready-to-learn with all the necessary tools, both socially and academically, to succeed. The teachers supported their developing self-esteem, confidence as a student, and their unique interests and learning styles. Best of all, my daughters fondly remember countless happy memories of their time spent a HSELC – from making new friends to holiday celebrations, parades, and unique learning experiences-they talk about the “dinosaur school” often. Our family strongly recommends the Hobe Sound Early Learning Center time and time again.

– Jason & Angela Hoffman

As another school year begins, I am grateful for my children’s educational foundation, Hobe Sound Early Learning Center! It’s hard to believe that my son began high school this year, and my daughter is already in 4th grade! Both have fond memories of the “dinosaur school” and are excelling academically and socially! As a teacher myself in Martin County, I know the importance of social-emotional learning, and HSELC has made that a priority for many years! Even WAY back in the “1990’s” when I worked a few summers at the center as a high school student through 2012-2018 when I served as a board member, no doubt this school provides a safe, nurturing environment that has lasting effects on all its students, including my own!

-Stefanie Chasse, Martin County School teacher